The Real Shokz Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide Review

Anybody that wants a great guide to assist them to master and finish every single stage of Starcraft 2 epic need to have simply have to learn about Shokz Starcraft 2 Guide.

The new Starcraft 2 Shokz Guide has every right answer you have been trying to find, supplying more information of ways to finish every last facet of Starcraft2, which includes gaining a full understanding of the Terran, Protoss and Zerg.

Before I read this informative guide and implemented it to the letter, I never realized exactly how painless it was to acquire competence over everything to complete every last level. Applying this guide, I am, as you will be successfully capable of playing as each race and progress my way up to increasingly being a top rated player, together with becoming a diamond ladder holder. By taking the time and effort to learn this guides methods effectively, and then follow the lessons precisely as they say, you’ll get a good sharp edge over your opposition and deal some devastating blows.

But why is it so valuable, I hear you ask? Well, to start with, this guide was made by a person called John Greenhoe, who was no less than a beta tester who was able to attain diamond position on the area of Starcraft Two. Composed of several sections, the Shokz Guide is part down loadable and part on line (the premium area). The downloadable area is an excellent little instruction for players who are new to Starcraft 2, and consist of all of the simple principles they need to know to get going.

However, the actual juiciest elements will be in the premium portion of Shokz Guide, which you’ll need to buy. Inside, it contains many hundreds of different strategies for every different race, as well as more basic methods that may be adapted to accommodate each one. Far better still; the premium area will be always up to date with newer and more effective strategy suggestions, information and tips, so you will not ever stop developing your Starcraft2 skills.

The one thing about this manual I enjoy most though, is that it does not contain any generic materials in it. The range of different tips exposed are based on your own unique choice of race, as well as whom your opponents are, including such beneficial facts as the positives and negatives of each race.

More features include a hot key manual specific for each race and build orders that will allow you get started immediately. Noob players also are capable of increase their level dramatically by using the recommended portions of the information:

– The area that contains information on StarCraft 2 lingo.

– The scouting information, that will teach you how you can comfortably and properly spy on your enemy development.

– A guide which describes how you can make use of watch towers despite not being attacked, utilizing something named the XEL Naga technique.

Here is an overview of what you are going to find in the members part of the Shokz Guide:

* A rapid start noob guide which will highlight the basics in just a couple minutes

* A more-detailed, six-chapter first timers guide for people who require it

* Learn approaches that can get you into the Diamond leagues as quickly as possible

* Five rapid ways to begin winning games right now

* The one Terran trick which will allow you to have an unblockable scout

* The 3 Zerg capabilities that permit you to win control the entire map

* An amazing exhibition of the 2 Protoss units that can destroy a whole army

* Discover the best build orders for all 3 races

* Complete Protoss, Terran, and Zerg instructions

* Full unit guide, unveiling each unit’s strengths, disadvantages, hard and soft counters

* A full and complete campaign manual to enable you to accomplish each and every achievement on the greatest diffuculty ranking

* Definitely the largest Terran tips guide amongst any Starcraft Two Guide

..and a whole lot more.

The Shokz Guide assisted me to master Starcraft two by presenting me all of the games features, which includes a lot of things which I never even realised were there. As well as this, the guidebook will explain about every one of the methods which are employed by the games masters, which means you will come to understand it inside and out.

By simply studying this guideline, just about anybody can become proficient with the use of the macro as well as micro, using it just the same way as a diamond gamer does, so that it’s easy to attain the ultimate aim of becoming a diamond Starcraft 2 player

The Top 5 World of Warcraft Leveling Tips

Here’s a nifty World of Warcraft leveling tip that might help you speed through the WoW leveling process. Power levelers tend to work on specific class tips and grinding spots. They focus on completing as many quests as possible in a short time, staying on to grind good mobs after the quest is done in some spots. Good WoW leveling tips will show you exactly how and where to grind for best results in World of Warcraft.

However, there is one way guaranteed to triple your XP rate and power through the leveling up process quickly in World of Warcraft. Here’s a step-by-step leveling guide on how to make this WoW leveling tip work for you.

Tip #1

If you have a friend or Guild member who is a higher level than you in World of Warcraft, ask them nicely if they’ll come out grinding with you for an hour or so. Don’t join up as a group. Just hang out in the same grinding spot together.

Tip #2

Find a great grinding spot with plenty of mobs and enemies that re-spawn quickly. You need to try to find monsters that are at least 3 levels higher than you are in World of Warcraft. This is very important to get the best results for this particular tip.

In fact, if your friend is a high enough level, you might try for one of the lower level instances. There are some great Elite monsters inside World of Warcraft and if your friend is 15 or 20 levels higher than those enemies, then you’ll enjoy this method of power leveling a lot more.

Tip #3

Have you ever noticed that the person who ‘tags’ an enemy first gets the XP in World of Warcraft, regardless of who dishes out the actual damage? When you target enemies in WoW, their name bar should show as red to signify that they’re an enemy. If you click on a monster that’s already been hit, or tagged, by another player in World of Warcraft, then it will show gray.

You want to tag as many World of Warcraft enemies as you possibly can before your grinding buddy hits them. However, you don’t want to kill them.

Tip #4

This is where having your World of Warcraft friend at a higher level along to grind with you comes in handy. Make sure YOU hit the enemy first. Just once is enough. Then let your higher-level friend finish it off in one or two hits. Because you tagged the monsters, you get all the XP.

If you’ve chosen World of Warcraft enemies that are higher levels than you, then the XP you receive as your friend kills them will be much higher than you would have received from killing mobs at or below your own level un World of Warcraft.

Tip #5

You might want to buy a couple of the World of Warcraft power leveling guides that explain and show you the best grinding spots for fast re-spawn that will also give you excellent loot drops.

The reason behind this WoW leveling tip is simple – if you can find the best grinding places that also drop great loot at the same time in World of Warcraft, then you’ll be leveling up your character faster than anyone you know. It’s a pretty cool World of Warcraft leveling tip.

Some Useful Tips From a Hunter Leveling Guide

Ever played a World of Warcraft game before or at least heard of it? Maybe you’re an avid gamer yourself. If you are and if you do know this massive multiplayer online role-playing game, then you understand how important the WoW gaming and leveling guides are to make the whole experience fun and thrilling. One of the many WoW guides is the Hunter leveling guide. You use this when you want to increase the level of your Hunter.

A quick detail about the Hunter is that it’s one of the ten character classes you can choose for your race. Other classes include Druids, Mages, Warlocks, Shamans and Warriors, just to name a few. This Hunter is a pretty interesting and exciting WoW character and a lot of gamers select this to be the class for whatever race they have – Orcs, Night Elves, Humans, Trolls, etc. It’s also known to be the perfect character to use if you are new to the game and just learning since it’s quite easy to level up.

Some gamers focus more on increasing the levels of their characters so if you belong to that group of individuals, there’s no doubt that you need a Hunter leveling guide and other leveling guides as well to help you achieve that goal of yours. The problem, however, is these useful resources can be costly and if you are kind of short in financial resources or if you simply can’t afford them at the moment, you tend to ignore this guide and try to level up on your own. While it’s true that you can increase your Hunter level by yourself, without any leveling guide at hand, when you reach the higher levels (like level 30 and up), it will start to get harder and harder to a point that you can actually notice your hair growing faster than the movement of that XP bar.

The point here is you are going to need a Hunter leveling guide one way or the other, at some point in time. So you have to either save up for that material or find other means to purchase it. To help you decide whether it’s worth for you or not to obtain the said guide, here are some useful tips you can get from that resource:

–Keep in mind the race of your character and its capabilities when you build it as a Hunter since it can greatly affect your gameplay. Orcs have some pretty unique characteristics that make them one of the better Hunters in the game as well as other races.

–Pay attention to the quests, put your mind and heart in them and try to complete them as fast as possible because what better way, not to mention more fun and easier, to level up your Hunter than making sure you conquer as many quests as you can.

–Hunters have “pets” as their aid and just like the real pets we have, these creatures need to be taken care of so that they can help us fight our battles and conquer quests we need to finish. Though they may not be as powerful as your Hunter’s weapons, they can surely offer you a definite advantage over your adversaries especially if you know how to make use of them effectively.

–Enough rest is also needed by your Hunter. You can’t just put them into play all the time. Come to think of it. You might as well take a rest if you think you’ve had too much of this game.

–The many friends you are playing with at your side, the better since this gives you enough chance to increase the level of your Hunter. Playing alone most of the time may not be a good idea.

Winning Tips for Freeroll Poker Tournaments

Playing in Freroll poker tournaments is the best way to win huge real cash prizes without spending a single penny from your pocket. Also, you can play in these tournaments from the comfort of your own homes.

A Freeroll poker tournament has a fixed number of seats which usually ranges from 100-500 players to join. Also, these tournaments don’t require an entry fee to join. Means they are free to enter and yet you win real money prizes. Every freeroll poker table has a maximum of 10 players and all of them are given the same number of chips which usually ranges from $1000 -$3000.

Let’s have a look at some winning freeroll poker tournaments tips:

1. When you are playing in poker freerolls, play a little more careful than you usually would. Also, try to make bluffs whenever possible.

2) In freeroll tournaments, when you are out, you are totally out of the game! Blinds increase after a few minutes or certain number of hands. So, try to increase your chips stack at every opportunity.

3) Many players just play the blind hands, means unless they have high pocket pair they will fold until it’s their turn to post blinds. If you don’t have a good hand, then make bluffs in order to help build your stack.

4) The blind always increase all through the tournament so you need to make sure that you have enough poker chips for this purpose. Sometimes, you have to take a risk! Play by all your guts is the best winning tip for freeroll poker tournaments. Going all in at times and forcing your opponents all in could turn out to be your lucky hand or final hand at the table.

5) These tournaments require more patience and time than any other online poker tournament. Also, keep in mind that poker is not only a card game but also a game of probability and statistics. So if you play using some proper tips, tricks and strategies, then you can of course win at any poker freerolls.

WoTLK Secrets Review

With Wrath Of The Lich King just around the corner and officially releasing on the 13th of November, the WoTLK Secrets guide is definitely raising a lot of questions for a lot of WoW players. It is the first guide that has been released so far for the new WoW expansion. What’s interesting about this is that it was released even before WoTLK itself was released! How could you possibly release a guide on a game (or expansion in this case) that isn’t even out yet? The answer to this is simple: T Dub was actually playing the game long before its launch. Along with many other well known WoW guide authors like Joana and Brian Kopp, T Dub got to the play the game during its beta stages. He has played through every part of Northrend and has spent many nights piecing together his guide. The fact that it was earlier to launch than the other leveling guides doesn’t exactly mean that it’s quality. Considering that there would basically be no competition for him in the WoTLK scene, he could’ve just released his guide early for the sake of getting sales. The other authors like Joana and Brian Kopp, however, are waiting till WoTLK is actually released before they announce the news of their new leveling guides. How will T Dub’s guide compare to these upcoming guides? Will the fact that it was launched early mean that it won’t be the same quality as other guides that are yet to be released?

I did however get to purchase WoTLK Secrets, and although I haven’t seen the other guides to see how it compares, I can definitely say it’s a quality guide. T Dub is actually the author of many other well-known WoW guides, so it’s no surprise that his new guide for WoTLK is also of high quality. His new guide is 250 pages long and covers every aspect of the new expansion in detail, from leveling, quests, classes, gold, and many more. He also covers the death knight in great detail, from leveling to questing. The guide is also accompanied by screenshots, pictures, videos, and a step-by-step guide to guide you through every step of the way. This guide is definitely a great purchase for those who want to have first hand experience before the new expansion is actually released. You can be one of the first few to get to level 80 before everyone else. I guess that’s why T Dub’s new guide is causing an uproar, many people are buying just to get first hand experience and know how on the new expansion. If in doubt, T Dub also offers a 60 day money back guarantee, so there’s pretty much no risk if you do decide to buy.

I hope my review helps.

India, Daman

I visited Daman when I was for the first time in India. The town can easily be reached with a train or bus if you are a backpacker on budget or you can hire a car. We chose the train. Sadly it used to stop after every ten meters, but after 6 hours and approximately 200 kilometers of absolute boredom we were in Vapi train station. From there you have to take a taxi or a rickshaw to the Daman.

Unlike Goa the Daman is not a popular western tourist destination. Therefore the first thing you would notice is that there are no touts and you don’t have to fight of army of rickshaw drivers, like in popular tourist spot and finding one that speaks English is even harder than you might think. Also the town has very few beggars. Daman is very popular destination for the Indian tourists from the nearby cities, therefore finding a hotel is easy. There are numerous hotels in the Daman itself but you might be better off finding a good hotel on the beach going a couple of kilometers north to Devka Beach. The beach is really not very good, for sure it’s not good for swimming because it’s too rocky and unlike Goa or the Beaches of Mumbai nobody’s here’s used to half naked ladies in swimsuit’s. The other ting with the beach is that there are packs of dogs and you should avoid those.

There are some touristy spots in the Daman town, like the old Portuguese fort, a small amusement park in Devka Beach, but basically that’s it. However there is another reason why this place is so popular among Indian weekend tourists – dirt cheap alcohol. And I really mean cheap and accessible. Numerous liquor stores can be found in Daman. A bottle of locally produced vodka costs somewhere around 70 Rs (1.4 USD), that’s how cheap it is. You can buy all sorts of alcoholic beverages here, however you can be sure that it’s manufactured just around the corner even if it says “Finlandia” or “Smirnoff” on the bottle. The downside it all is that there are a lot of drunk Indian tourists, they are generally friendly but kind of annoying. I would suggest avoiding having too many vodka shots with the average male Indian tourist. The cheap alcohol however cannot be taken outside the town borders and there are police checks on the roads. The locals are really nice and during the day it’s safe to walk around practically everywhere. The rickshaws and taxis are harder to catch than in the touristy places, but they cost less: a rickshaw in Daman will cost about 30 Rs; a taxi ride to Vapi train station will cost somewhere about 120 Rs.

Overall Daman is a nice place to spend one or two days after that it’s starting to get boring as the town offers a little entertainment.

Gambling 101 – Tips and Tricks For New Gamblers

“I’ve heard stories of men making astronomical sums in the casinos; life changing stories about a single slot win; man making a couple of millions on roulette on the run. How can I be that man?” Every young man who’s ever had the urge to  gamble  asks himself this question. This article will teach you how to win more often than you lose.

Win big. Or not.

Ok. First, a reality check. As much as you’d like to believe that you’d win 32 trillion dollars on your first night in the casino, you probably aren’t going to win all that much. In all probability, you’d be lucky to win just a couple of dollars. So, do not set your expectations too high.

Gamblers who play high stakes and win are professionals. Yes, there are professional gamblers in this world and no, they aren’t anything like your “down-on-his-luck” friend who keeps borrowing money from you to pay his bookies. These men are self-trained experts who know their game. To them,  gambling  is just another day’s work and they have trained vigorously to become professional gamblers. They know their art and you won’t be able to pick their moves on your first weekend in Vegas. If you are lucky to meet one or indeed be friends with one, you could pick up a few pointers, but do not expect to win big immediately.

Money Management

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is money management. You must decide how much you are going to spend in the casino. Set a limit. Decide for yourself that you are not going to spend over, say, three hundred dollars in the casino. And stick with it. No matter how many times you lose.

Keep a record book for all your expenses like an accounts journal if it helps you.

Pick the right game

Pick a game that you know how to play. If you have never played blackjack in your entire life, stay away from that table and play roulette instead. This is just common sense. If you don’t even know the basics of the game, you cannot possibly hope to win at the table.

If you are only playing for fun and would like to learn while you play, go online and play the game for fun money on one of the many websites that offer this service. You can play for real money when you think you have at least mastered the basics. You may be able to find learning tables at land-based casinos as some, not all, have them for a small fee.

Play on a table that offers you to play with the rules that you are most comfortable with. If you play slots, play on a machine that allows you to play with a denomination that fits your budget. If you play roulette, bet on the colors and odd/even brackets. If you play blackjack, pick a table where dealer stands on an all seventeen. If you are into poker, play pot limit poker. Play with the right rules set and you will have a better chance at winning.

If this article sounds a little too pessimistic for your tastes, let me warn you that more people have destroyed their future with  gambling  than people who have made a fortune in the  gambling  houses. Play wisely.

Are You ADHD?

Drugs or Direction, that is the question….

Yesterday walking through the airport between an eatery and the wireless electronics store there was a big yellow sign that said something like this:

Are you distracted? Do you lose focus easily? Do you forget things? You could have ADHD, send us a text or find us on the web at (some website).

The website isn’t really their site of course. After reading the sign and looking around for a minute it hit me. What better place to try and convince people they have ADHD than an airport. Everyone is either in a hurry so they forget something, or bored out of their mind so they lose focus and are easily distracted.

Our entire society and system of marketing is based on these principles. Is everyone that buys a “keyfinder” an ADHD candidate? Who knows. What I do know is that like all things in life this was another organization looking to recruit candidates in an ideal location. Just about everyone with normal brain function is going to have some level of ADHD. If you have five Starbucks cards in your wallet or do like I do, and drink three 32 oz Diet Cokes before lunch, you might be a higher level of ADHD until the caffeine wears off.

We live in a society filled with distractions. iPods, cell phones, pocket cameras that film HD for You Tube and bright yellow signs with ADHD messages right when you are looking for your lost boarding pass all are designed to keep us distracted. Maybe they are just trying to keep us entertained and busy?

The truth is we live in a world where the absolute need for focus is almost zero. My generation and people younger than me rarely have any kind of dedicated focus. Our parents tell us “you can do anything you want to do”. If we pick something and change our mind, they just say “It’s OK dear.” To make matters worse we live in a “right now” information society. When someone calls us or texts us we are expected to answer right away.

The reality is, until we find what it is that drives us, we will always be a little distracted and out of focus. If we could each just find our true calling and put all of the rest of the distractions in a drawer we would be better off. Some of us get lucky and our parents instill that focus in us like Tiger Woods (sexting aside), and others get lucky and find their passion on their own or by accident..

After seeing a couple of pretty good accidents as a result of texting, I took a hard look at my own cell phone and texting habits in the car. Since then I have stopped answering calls for two reasons. First, I was going into autopilot when on the phone and would sometimes fly right by my off ramp or destination. Any time I saved by answering the call was then lost.

Second and more important I realized that I have so much going on, I couldn’t focus on what I was doing or what I was talking to the person on the other end of the conversation about. This is one where I needed to just take my own advice. Don’t take any calls you aren’t ready to take. If you call and I am on the road, chances are good I will forget any appointment we set or any thing I was supposed to order for you. If I take a your call in the office at the computer, then I am ready, and we both get more out of it.

While writing my book, “So, Now What?” I observed a lot of highly successful people. What I started doing was following the advice I was giving in my book as a result of those observations. I get way more done every day be being prepared to do what I am doing when I am doing it. Life is better this way. It feels slower and you have more time to do what you want to do.

Is it ADHD or lack of self discipline in a world of distractions?

Strategy Games Tips – 6 Tips of Playing Strategy Games

There are so many strategy games for both on line and for game consoles. In today’s games, there isn’t a need to set the setting of the strategy games for half an hour as the programmers had already figured out what actually the gamer needs and had already been programmed into the game.

Most of the strategy games I played needed lots of planning and speed to play well in the strategy games. These games can be those defense games where you need to build towers at strategic areas or points to fight off an invasion effectively or if you are those kind of offensive players, you can be the one building units to crush the computer’s defense.

There is a saying:” Attack is my defense, defense is my attack”. It really depends on how you want to play it.

6 Simple Strategy Techniques For Playing Strategy Games

1) Knowing in depth of the different kinds of units or races in the game. Normally it isn’t going to be more than 10.

2) Follow the basic rules of the strategy game. Some basics strategies are: Use the melee fighters upfront in the front lines as “meat shield” while the ranged soldiers stand behind the melee fighters to support them.

3) When you have gained enough money, do plan some of it for upgrades of your soldiers, towers etc… Normally starting of the game, it can be quite hard to plan but plan out a strategy of your own.

4) Pick up some air units to support your ground troops. It is a must! Next go get a good siege weapon to destroy building more effectively and faster. Siege weapons are a double edged weapon where it can be used for base defense too. By understanding what does what, you will be in a better position to really deploy them well and avoid stupid mistakes.

5) Pay attention to powered attacks too. It is normally in the form of artillery strike with a huge amount of ground troops charging at you, distracting you and using the siege weapons clearing out your base buildings. Use your air units to flank the siege weapons, counter attack them and surprise your enemy.

6) Last tip is to make sure that you don’t save necessary money that is not necessary. This is a common mistake that new gamers make. There is no point in saving so much money in the game and lose in the end and to prove nothing. But if you are going to build massive or very grand, then just do it. Strike a good balance point between having some savings for defense when needed. You will have to learn this in regards to each specific game.

New Legislation Threatens Online Gambling

On the 15th of February US Congressman from Virginia Bob Goodlatte reintroduced HR 4777, the “Internet  Gambling  Prohibition Act.” Goodlatte hopes to pass the bill, which will amend the earlier Title 18 of the United States Code containing the Federal Wire Act passed in 1961. The Wire Act outlawed telephone betting by making it illegal to place bets by “wire transmission.”

The explosion of Internet poker rooms and sports books in recent years was possible only as a result of the ambiguity surrounding the definition of “wire”. While opponents of Internet  gambling  insisted that the meaning included cable, satellite, and cellular technology, no court would uphold a conviction based on that definition. Goodlatte hopes to amend that by expanding the Code to include all forms of electronic transmission, as well as to include all types of bets.

Earlier attempts to pass the legislation were thwarted by the lobbying efforts of Jack Abramoff, according to Gooodlatte’s office. But Abramoff’s recent guilty pleas to fraud, tax evasion and conspiracy to bribe public officials have added political capital to Goodlatte’s campaign.

According to Goodlatte “Illegal online  gambling  doesn’t just hurt gamblers and their families, it hurts the economy by draining dollars from the United States and serve as a vehicle for money laundering,” stated Goodlatte. “It is time to shine a bright light on these illegal sites and bring a quick end to illegal  gambling  on the Internet.”

“But outlawing online  gambling  won’t stop the activity.” says Will Catlett of, an industry watchdog site. “It will only drive it underground. If online  gambling  is outlawed then the government will lose its ability to legislate online  gambling  policy and police it’s dangers, not to mention its ability to tax the transactions. Goodlatte’s bill will do exactly the opposite of what it wants to do.”

As of July 2005, according to Forrester polls, there were over 300,000  gambling  websites entertaining over 7,000,000 online gamblers. While the bulk of traffic to these websites initially came from the United States, that number is now around 40% as players are attracted from all over the world. If the bill is passed, the industry will shrink dramatically, and shift its focus to other nations. Meanwhile, online gamblers in the United States will be out of luck. “It’s amazing to me that this bill just might pass quietly with little or no resistance.” says Catlett. “Anyone who enjoys  gambling  online really should write their State Representative to let them know why this bill shouldn’t go through.”

Online Poker Tips For Beginners

Playing online poker is excellent entertainment,and those who enjoy it know that it’s different from playing poker at a table with other people. There are a number of online poker tips that can help a new player become great. To improve your game, try some of the suggestions mentioned below.

If you’re just starting out as an internet poker player, you’ll initially want to play for free. It’s easier to learn some of the hard lessons about good hands, bad hands, and going all in if you don’t have to spend hard-earned cash on the game. When you feel you’re ready to play for money, start by choosing a tournament that has a small buy-in; this way you will experience what it’s like to play for money, but you won’t risk losing a lot. As you gain experience, you’ll be able to select games with higher stakes and better prizes.

Learning to read the flop is important for those who wish to become a successful player. The speed of the game almost demands that players be able to determine how their hand will stand up after the flop. If you’re not yet good at this, sit out of your game for a few hands and watch your cards, as well as those that come down on the flop; a few rounds like this and you’ll have a better idea of what you’re doing.

Some people believe that there aren’t any tells when a person is playing on the internet, but learning to read the behavior of the other players is vital to those who wish to win. For example, if a player checks during the first round of betting, he or she may have a so-so hand. Sometimes players will “limp in” until they see what the flop has to offer. By watching how and when an individual bets, you’ll learn to gauge whether or not that player believes that their hand is good.

Emotions are a can be a very bad thing in this game. If you’re angry or upset, you’re more likely to make mistakes that could cost you. If you’re elated about a recently won hand, you’re more likely play hands that might not hold up. Remember, the best poker players are calm and steady anytime they’re playing the game.

Finally, it should go without saying, but a good poker face isn’t required when playing the game online. However, respect for your fellow players is quite necessary; online poker players should remember to be polite in the chat room, remain humble when they’re ahead, and to congratulate other players on their successes. Nobody has ever been harmed by having a positive attitude.

Online poker is exciting recreation, and there are tons of tips that can help players become great at the game. It’s vital to remember to not spend too much on your online poker habit; don’t ever deposit more than you can afford to lose. Now that you’ve learned the basics of success, you can proceed with the game!

Texas Hold’em Pro

5 Tips from a Texas Hold’em Pro

If you’re a player whose goal is to make a living out of Texas Hold’em, take good note of those 5 tips from a Texas Hold’em Pro.

Tip from a Texas Hold’em Pro #1: Set yourself tangible objectives!

I cannot stress this tip enough. If you don’t exactly know what you want, how can you get it? In the poker world, this usually means having achieved a certain bankroll size at a specific date.

Tip from a Texas Hold’em Pro #2: Use the right tools!

Sounds easy, but it isn’t. There is a lot of information out there and one could spend months trying to figure out which one to tap into. My advice is to ask a player that plays at the level you want to get to which tools to get in order to achieve your goals.

Tip from a Texas Hold’em Pro #3: FOCUS!

So you’ve set your sights on beating the 3/6 No-Limit tables and so far you’ve had a rough month on the 0,50/1$ level. Don’t go waste your money on Sit and Gos or blackjack for that matter. Any pro will tell you to persevere in No-Limit by analyzing your game (importance of tip #2) and then bringing changes if needed.

Tip from a Texas Hold’em Pro #4: Respect your bankroll!

I’ve regularly witnessed horror stories such as player losing a large chunk of their bankroll on a single night. Simply put, this should never happen, even if your AA got cracked 5 times on one unlucky night, the losses should not represent a large portion of your bankroll. So you got it right: with a 500$ bankroll you don’t belong on a 100$ max buy-in table.

Tip from a Texas Hold’em Pro #5: Take your notes

What separates the Texas Hold’em pro from you? Well many thing… One of them being taking notes of all their gaming sessions. It is the best way for you to have a clear picture of your situation. Is your winrate as good when playing on 3 tables as opposed to 1? Do you perform better during week-end or week-days? Does playing a longer session means you lose more often? Those questions will be answered easily by keeping track of your sessions through an excel spreadsheet.

In conclusion

It’s easy to become good enough at Hold’em so you can live off of it. However, you need to focus and use the right tools to get yourself to that level. No one can set your objectives for you. As far as the resources you’ll need to bring you there, here’s a link to a review of the best Texas Hold’em resources. My door is always open at [email protected] for any questions or suggestions you need to sent to a Texas Hold’em Pro.

Virtual Casino Gambling

You might be wondering how virtual casino  gambling  started and how or why this virtual  gambling  phenomenon has grown so rapidly.

Take a quick look into history of  gambling  and you’ll discover why virtual casino  gambling  was the next logical step and why virtual casino games are set to become even more popular than they already are.

Virtual casino  gambling  has only existed for a relatively short time, when considering that real casinos have existed for around two thousand years; they have come a long way from ancient Egypt to the glamour of Las Vegas .

Casino  gambling  has continued to grow and evolve as its popularity increases.

Virtual casino  gambling  has brought the excitement of real casinos directly into your living room. Virtual  gambling  offers increased convenience, so now you don’t need to deal with the crowds found in real casinos and your favourite seat will never be taken.

Virtual casino  gambling  offers better security.

The virtual casino  gambling  is always available to you, so time is never an issue when you a virtual gambler. The privacy of online  gambling  offers increased security and peace of mind too.

Virtual casino  gambling  offers many different types of virtual games which players may not necessarily have seen at a real casino.

The choice of online  gambling  games available is incredible. Online Poker, blackjack, roulettes or online sports  gambling , online casinos offer them all. You can choose your table, the limits you desire and play the optimum game for you.

You could even choose to allow the virtual casino  gambling  software to play for you while you watch, which means you don’t need to repeatedly press spin or bet.

Virtual casino  gambling  is an increasing phenomenon.

As the internet continues to become an increasing factor in our daily lives, virtual  gambling  products and services will also continue to grow. In truth the virtual casino is as real as any you’ll find in the major cities. With virtual casino  gambling  you’ll have access to every kind of online game available and you get to wager real money, in turn winning real cash…

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Features of a Good Online Poker Guide

The number of people making the transition from the traditional poker to online poker has been on the rise, in recent days. By traditional poker, we mean that which was played around tables with physically tangible cards, whereas by online poker, we mean that which is played over the Internet using ‘virtual cards’ by people who can be, and often are, miles apart.

Now most of the people making this transition will usually express an interest in gaining insight into the workings of online poker. So will the numerous other people whose first encounter with poker is over the Internet (and there are many such people, especially youngsters, who are encountering many things online before they have had the opportunity to experience them in the ‘offline world’). For all these people, the solution that is usually given as a way through which they can get to learn the workings of internet poker is by getting a good online poker guide.

There are many such online poker guides. And as with most things in life, the makers of each will make claims that theirs is the very best. The intended user of the poker guide, on the other hand, will be keen on getting that which can be termed as the very best online poker guide, so as to make their learning of the workings of online poker fast and effective. This is what leads them to a situation where they express an interest in knowing what goes into the making of a good internet poker guide – so that they can use that criterion in making a selection out of the numerous available resources developed and meant to guide poker players, as they get started on the game online.

Few people will argue with the assertion that a good online poker guide would be one that is written by credible authorities. A poker guide written by people who have actually been successfully involved in the game (over the Internet) would be better than one written by people whose understanding of poker is purely academic. It is very hard, actually impossible, to properly teach people that which you do not actually know at a personal level. A good way to check out the credibility of the authors of the various resources that are meant to guide poker players as they get started on the game online would be by conducting (internet) searches using their names, to see whether they have successful poker playing histories. At the very least, you should look at the credentials they present on the said poker guides, to see whether those make them authorities in the area.

A good online poker guide is that which is comprehensive in its coverage (rather than one that is skimpy in its coverage) of issues to do with Internet-based poker. In this regard, a good guide would be one that answers most questions that a novice would be likely to have regarding online poker. And this is important because we have seen resources meant to guide poker players who are making their first steps in the game online – but which far from answering the questions such novices to online poker are likely to have, ended up leaving them with even more questions! Comprehensiveness therefore becomes a very important factor here.

A good poker guide is one that is readable. This entails a number of things. Ideally, it should be presented in a reader-friendly format, which at the most basic level, would include careful choice of things such as fonts styles, font sizes graphic design and so on. At a more fundamental level, it would be the sort of a guide that moves the reader from ‘the known into the unknown’ – using things that the reader is obviously likely to conversant with as the foundations on which to build new knowledge. It should be a guide that takes into consideration the readers’ likely ignorance of matters to do with online poker without insulting their intelligence. It should be a guide that is clear from ambiguities. The makers of an online poker guide (as indeed the makers of any other type of guide) are supposed to know that the main reason people make reference to such guides is in an effort to clear ambiguities. It therefore does not make sense to present them with even more ambiguities, right in the guides they refer to in a bid to get clarification.

Craps Tips For Better Online Craps Gaming

You will find all manner of craps tips online if you are looking for them. The best tips for playing craps online are often those that avoid getting into the more complicated aspects of playing craps. This is a game that can be made much more complex than it needs to be. The goal of all online gaming is to have a good time. If you can win a little money in the process this is all the much better. Most people are simply thrilled to break even after having spent a few years cheering, jeering, and passing the time. A few, those who follow some basic tips, might very well find that they are able to add a little more to their bank accounts than when playing without them. Remember first and foremost though that there are no guarantees. It is called  gambling  for a reason and you should never  gamble  more than you can afford to spend.

Keep it Simple Silly

The K.I.S.S. guidelines are extremely applicable when it comes to playing a game of craps and one of the best craps tips you can get. The more you bring the complex rules and side bets into play in your craps game the more you stand to lose. The payout for these greatly diminished odds may seem appealing but on average does not really make up for the risks. Keep your game play simple and take on as few side bets and complicated odds as possible. The big wins may seem appealing but they are often accompanied by even greater losses. This shortens the amount of time you have to play as it goes through your money much more quickly than playing with a less aggressive strategy.

Have a Strategy and Stick With It!

Another of many great craps tips is to develop a strategy before each new craps game. If you want to include a certain side bet whenever the opportunity presents itself then plan to do so but be consistent when you do it. Have a circumstance in mind where you will make a specific bet and only make that bet when that circumstance occurs.


There isn’t enough that can be said about the importance of practice when it comes to the game of craps. The best craps tips in the world for playing craps online involve spending copious amounts of times at the practice (read freebie) craps tables. This gives you the opportunity to try new things, learn, and play without risking money. Make your mistakes on the practice craps tables where they do not cost nearly as much as when you are putting money on the line to make them.

Casino Gambling-The Games Gamblers Play

When most people think of Casino  gambling , probably the first thing which comes to mind is Las Vegas, or Atlantic City. Imagine of bright lights, the sounds of hustle and bustle, and rows and rows of slot machines often come to mind. This is not all there is to casino  gambling . The article will discuss casino  gambling , as well as some of the games casino gamblers play.

By definition, an casino is basically a building that accommodated  gambling . Patrons are often offered the opportunity to  gamble  by playing many games of chance, or some of skill also. Casino  gambling  games most often have mathematically calculated odds that ensures the casino retains at least a small advantage which is referred to as the “edge”.

Slot machines are a common  gambling  accommodation provided to patrons of most casinos. Slot machines are coin operated  gambling  apparatus, with three reels that spin when the lever is pulled. Most slot machines have a currency detector installed, that validates the coins inserted for play. Slot machines pay off based on how the three reels stop. Each will has a different pattern or symbol visible on the front, and pay offs are based on these patterns or symbols.

The game of poker is also popular in  gambling  casinos, and can be played in many different styles. Most commonly, the players in a poker game all have fully, as well as sometimes partially concealed, playing cards, and make bets into a pot based on their cards. The player or players which have the best poker combination of playing cards wins the pot in at the end of each hand.

Many patrons of casinos chose to play a dice game called craps. It is also a very popular game among casino gamblers. All the players in the game have the opportunity to bet money against the casino,  gambling  on the outcome of the roll or series of rolls. The rules of craps can vary from casino to casino, but there are some that will remain common. There are no strategies involved in betting on craps. Its a game of chance, all based on the outcome of the roll of two dice.

Of all casino  gambling  games, the roulette wheel is often considered the signature casino  gambling  game. In the game of roulette, the dealer will spin a roulette wheel. The wheel has 37-38 clearly marked numbered pockets where a ball will stop. The pockets are labeled from 1-36 and are alternated between black and red with number one starting with red. Also there is a green pocket, marked with the number zero. Most roulette wheels used in the USA have an addition green pocket marked 00. Roulette is a complete game of chance, as casino patrons bet on where they think the ball will land when the wheel stops spinning. get more info at [].

Be a Sharp Gambler

The  gambling  world is full of people who just throw down hard earned money

without thinking about what they are doing. Are you one of those people who will

just go with the flow? If so, you are most likely a losing gambler or you are not

winning as much money as you could be. There are three main factors that make up

every successful gambler: money management, value and knowledge. This article

will take a look at all these of these areas and help you become a sharp gambler.

Money Management

It’s amazing how many people  gamble  and don’t think, for even one second, about

money management. You wouldn’t go on a trip without thinking about what you

want to do right? Then why  gamble  without a goal? When you go on a trip, is your

goal to simply go on a trip? Of course it’s not. You at least decide on a destination,

time of stay and so forth.

Before you  gamble , you should have some goals in mind. Here’s a quick list of a

couple goals you want to define.

1. What is your total bankroll for the  gambling  session?

2. If I am ahead $X, I will leave.

3. If I lose X% of my bankroll, I will leave or I will leave once my bankroll is gone.

4. I will devote most of my time to playing [ insert game ].

5. While playing [ insert game ], my average bet will be around $x.

Defining these five goals will help you keep organized and focused.


The sharp gambler stay way from bets that are for suckers. He or she is only

concerned with getting good value. Here’s a list of key bets and activities to stay

away from.

1. Slot Machines – The payback percentage is poor.

2. Roulette – Huge house advantage.

3. Proposition bets in Craps.

4. Parlay cards in sports betting that contain a large amount of selections.

5. The insurance bet in Blackjack.

6. The tie bet in Baccarat.

7. Caribbean Stud Poker, which has a large house advantage.

8. Bingo

There’s no law against playing the above items from time to time, but you have to

do it in moderation and not make these items part of your main betting activities.


This is one of those factors that separate the long-term winning gamblers from the

consistently losing gamblers. If you are going to wager on something, you should

know all you can about it. Study the game, learn the tricks and understand

everything about it. By being knowledgeable in the game, you will know how to

maximize your wagers and your time.

Pick a game you want to play and follow this guide to become a guru.

1. First, research the game by typing in the name at your local search engine.

Look for how-to-play articles, tips and strategy. You will find many free resources

out there.

2. Find an online casino that offers play money games and go practice what you

have learned. If are learning about sports betting or horse racing, find a sports book

to get odds from and play bet.

3. Visit your bookstore and look for books on the subject. Sit down at the store

and read a little.

Keep reading and searching for the area(s) you like and soon you will become a very

sharp player. Knowledge is power, especially in the  gambling  world.

By improving yourself in these three areas, you will have a great possibility of

winning more consistently and you will have more fun because you are organized,

focused and education.

WoW Druid Guide

If you enjoy a varied play style, that includes a good balance of combat and healing, then the Druid class may be a great match for you. In the WoW Druid guide I discuss some of the Druid’s strengths, weaknesses and abilities so you can decide for yourself.

Druids are great for a variety of playing styles because in many ways they’re a jack of all trades. However, before I go any further, let me mention that only the Tauren and Night Elf races can belong to the Druid class.

Druids are excellent not only at Tanking and DPS but also as healers. One unique characteristic that makes them fantastic at combat is their ability to shape shift. They can take the form of a Bear or Dire Bear in order to Tank or can shift into a Cat form for Melee. As you can imagined this makes them really versatile and allows them to fill a variety of roles in groups and raids, and makes them great at PvP. Now let’s turn our attention in the WoW Druid guide to some of the Druid’s strengths.

o Healing and Tanking: Druids are versatile and are excellent tanks and healers.

o PvP: They make tough opponents in PvP.

o Crowd Control: Druids are especially resistant to crowd control.

o Stealth: In Cat form Druids can stealth.

o Instant Run Speed boosting buff

o Resurrection: The only class in Warcraft able to resurrect during battle.

No WoW Druid guide would be complete if the weaknesses weren’t mentioned, so here’s a list of some to keep in mind.

o Not as Strong as Specialized classes: They can fill many roles such as tank, healer, melee, and DPS but they won’t be as good at these things as classes that specialize in them.

o Armor: The best armor Druids can wear is leather. You’ll need multiple sets of armor to play various roles.

o Difficult to Master: Druids are by far one of the hardest classes to master. Those players who can easily manage lots of abilities and roles will do best with this class.

As a conclusion to the WoW Druid guide we’ll look at some of their defining abilities. The following list of abilities makes the Druid formidable to enemies and fantastic allies.

o Able to get free of most forms of crowd control.

o They’re able to instantly increase their run speed.

o They can stealth.

o Ability to incapacitate an enemy.

o Efficient healers because of how little mana and time they use.

o Great escape artists

So if you enjoy filling more than one role and playing in multiple play styles then you may want to consider the Druid. You’ll literally feel like you’re switching from one class to another.

Priest Gold Guide

There are dozens of different guides out there that try to tell you a hundred ways to make your Priest rich in World of Warcraft – without actually telling you anything new. What’s the problem with these guides? They all tell you the same tricks that millions already know, and are currently using. You need the newest and most original tips out there to ensure you get a good amount of gold for the time you spend. A solid Priest Gold Guide for you casters out there is not only the best way to go; it is the only way to go. Read our Priest Gold Guide below to get some useful information that just might make your Priest rich!

Priest Gold Guide

The right guide will have all sorts of solid tips in it, including the following: Every Shadow Priest out there with AoE in their blood should head to the Ruins of Karabor and find the numerous Level 70 mobs tightly packed at the top of the ruins. They are all fighting each other, meaning they are at 60% health already, and they are very close to each other with a high re-spawn timer. With one or two friends, you can grind at least 125 gold an hour here at level 70, without needing a flying mount, which is pretty lucrative considering the alternatives. This is a spot that should be in any Priest Gold Guide!

What Else Should a Priest Gold Guide Contain?

The tips in a any guide for your Priest should always be catered towards casters and their unique situations. While other characters can probably go directly into a cave, or even an instance, alone and grind their way to riches, a Priest is going to be a little less capable of doing so. That is of course, unless you have a Shadow Priest who can pull multiple mobs and take them out with Psychic Screams and Shadow Damage. In this case, AoE grinding in lower level instances is the way to go.

In the end, a solid Priest Gold Guide needs to have a nice balance of the things that make you rich in WoW – this includes Auction House tips, Profession fundamentals, basic run through of instances, and information on rare items and mobs. There is huge volume of gold making opportunities littered throughout the game’s early and latter parts, so you have to make sure your Priest Gold Guide covers them. Also, you will want to get the newest tips out there, including those using the Inscription Profession and the new Wrath of the Lich King lands and items. With the help of an in depth and well written Priest Gold Guide, your Priest will soon be enjoying thousands of gold in his or her bank!

Free Pick 6 Lottery Tips!

Winning a lump sum amount in a Pick 6 Lottery can be promising and life changing. However, having to share the amount to more people who won the same prize can be frustrating. You may end up getting a very meager amount at the end of the game. This happening can be avoided by choosing different sets of numbers and following these tips prepared for you.

The first tip in Pick 6 Lottery is to stay away from choosing all 6 numbers under 31. There is a greater chance of winning the same cash prize since almost all people choose numbers under this number. The experienced people tend to call this birthday’s syndrome where people choose their birthdays and other relatives when choosing numbers.

Also, people tend to favor patterns in choosing numbers so avoid using patterns. An example of these patterns are numbers multiple of three or multiple of 5. For instance, numbers can be 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, and 18 or 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30. This approach of choosing numbers in the Pick 6 Lottery is almost done by a lot of people.

Another tip is to choose numbers from 1 to 49 in the Pick 6 Lottery ticket. Exhaust all the numbers and not just under the number you are accustomed to when you first started playing. For example, you are more confident in choosing numbers under 30 only. Then, you are wasting the probability of having winning numbers from 30 to 49.

Further, avoid picking numbers in the Pick 6 Lottery that have been drawn recently. This is because there are people who believe that numbers that won in the latest draws will win again so you end up having the same numbers as other people.

Sometimes, it better to ask the Quick machine to pick numbers for your Pick 6 Lottery when you ran out of numbers that just choosing the diagonal numbers or straight ones. Again, there are people who do this too.

Meanwhile, it is advised to choose three odd and three even numbers in choosing them. There are studies about the lottery games stating the combination of three odd lottery numbers and three even lottery numbers has greater chance of winning than other numbers. Although not absolute at all times, on the average, studies show that this comes out in one week in three on most six ball lotteries.

When it comes to buying the tickets in the retailer’s booth, be sure that the numbers and the dates have been accurately selected. Sometimes, due to carelessness, the numbers chosen have been picked in the draw and have won. The only problem is that the date in the ticket you are holding which is the proof when claiming the prize is for a later or future date, thus, forfeiting the right to claim the prize. This can be worst when the ticket won the jackpot prize. Thus, to grab the greater probability of winning, it is better to follow these tips and enjoy the cash prize soon.

Tips For Winning the Lottery

Most of us believe that winning a lottery is entirely in the hands of Lady Luck-the goddess of fortune. She is the ultimate and the sole entity to decide whether we would win the lottery or not. But, this is not really true. Winning a lottery also depends on you. If you play smartly and use certain strategies, you can maximise your chances of winning.

Here are some of the strategies and tips to help you win the lottery:

Play in a lottery syndicate. This is the best and the most successful strategy for winning a lottery. Lottery syndicates allow people to pool their lotteries and thereby increase their odds of winning a prize. For instance, if you have one ticket, you have only once chance of winning, but if you and ten other people purchase one ticket each and club together, your chance of winning is almost 11 times more. In the lottery syndicates, the winnings are divided equally amongst all the players.

Further, with e-lottery syndicates, you can easily find members for your syndicate, and connect you bank account or debit card to the e-lottery syndicate website to play lottery every time. They would automatically use your money for playing your lottery.

Be smart: A smart person is one who learns from others. He follows the same trajectory that successful people have followed in the past. For winning a lottery, you must pick successful lottery numbers. Look back to find out the winning lottery numbers in recent past. There is always a pattern. If you study the numbers carefully, you would be able to find it out for yourself. Further, there are a handful of lottery numbers that arise in a specific combination and when this happens; there is a sure-shot lottery win.

Play regularly: For increasing your chances of winning a lottery, it is important that you play regularly. The more often you would play, the higher would be your chances of winning a lottery. By sitting at home or pondering all day long how you can win, you would not gain anything. So, get on to your heels. Feel energetic and motivated. You would definitely win if you keep trying.

Have a positive attitude: Like everything else in life, winning a lottery also depends on you. If you believe in yourself, you can win. Therefore, have a positive outlook towards everything. Feel confident that you are going to win. Make plans on how you are going to utilise your lottery prize money. All this would fill your mind and body with strong positive energies which would ultimately guide you in selecting the right lottery numbers, thus helping you win a lottery.

Online Horse Racing Sports Tips

The world of horse racing really opens up online, and if you’re not in the know you’re missing out on what very well maybe the latest and greatest trend rising right now. More specifically if you’re on the lookout for Online Horse Racing Sports, then you’re in luck. There are large amounts of time and money spent on the very subject online. Everything from articles being written, sites being drafted and launched as well as blogging that all points to the fabulous world of horse racing and sports in general, and that is a fact.

Online Horse Racing Sports have hit the main stream already. You can bank on one thing in the realms of creativity and understanding and that is largely due to the amount of celebrity sightings at these events. More and more actors and high class individuals are spending time at the track watching their favorite jockeys and horses run. Not only that, they are enjoying the lavish lifestyle that is offered at these facilities. These are not run down horrible places to go, they are up to date quality adventure resorts. Some even have hotels and casinos attached, while most have a lot of great cuisine to offer beyond just concession stand faire.

If you’re looking for Online Horse Racing Sports, then you’re going to be in luck. You have discovered a niche market that is growing by leaps and bounds on a daily basis. You are correct in assuming that if you sleep on this new trend you’ll be missing out on the glory and pageantry that is horse racing. Horse racing is interesting on a lot of different levels and mostly due in large part to the ever growing production value of amount of money being spent to justify the sport as more than just a place for betting and random crooked scenarios.

All eyes are on Online Horse Racing Sports because even ESPN is on it. Have you noticed the coverage on horse racing has really jolted in recent years? You probably haven’t and this is great news for you. With main stream media covering more and more horse racing, the sport is really getting a lot of new fans. This helps grow the sport from seedy back alleys and off site bets to legitimate clientele that are dropping six figures on bets and winning big as the stakes and the races get better and better. If you’re a fan of racing of any kind, you’re going to love the great detail in which you can get yourself some cash with the online world of horse racing. There are forums, articles, handicapping sites, and so much more information out there just for the taking. So if you’re the last one on this bandwagon, you might miss out on the initial powder keg of money that is going to go off as more attention is given to the horses and the riders. If you’re just in it to watch, that’s cool too, because you’re not going to find better equestrians out there.

A Sports Betting Beginner’s Guide to Baseball Betting

There is no sport that can capture the imagination quite like baseball can. While baseball may not be the uncontested holder of the title “America’s favorite past time” anymore, it is certainly putting up a good fight against football.

Baseball is also one of the best sports to start out with if you want to engage in some sports betting. The baseball season is an extremely long one, with each team playing 162 games. Each game will see different players on the field. What that means is that there are hundreds of different combinations to bet on, which means beginners have a good opportunity to truly come up with a winning system.

Before you get those winning ways down, though, you are going to have to go through a bit of a learning curve. In this article, we are going to take a look at some tips and information that should help smooth the bumps out a bit for those just starting to bet on baseball.

Types of bets:

There are three popular types of bets to make when wagering on baseball. The most popular is the money line. Money lines are straightforward bets where you place a wager on one team to win a game against another team. Beginners should always start out betting the money line as it is the least complicated type of bet in terms of guesswork; usually, the better team will win the game period.

The run line adds a bit more risk to a bet, even on a team that is obviously superior to another. Run lines state that a team must win by a certain number of points in order to collect on a bet. While it can be easy to determine who the winner of a game will be, it’s harder to say for sure that they will win by two runs or more. For that reason, the payout is usually higher when you bet the run line.

Finally, there are the total bets. For this type of bet, you bet on whether or not the combined score of a game will be over or under the total posted by the sports books. If the total is 8 runs in a game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Arizona Diamondbacks, and you bet on the Over line, you will win the bet if 9 runs or more are scored by the two teams. If you bet Under, then you will win if 7 runs or less are scored.

Baseball betting tips for beginners:

We’ve already posted an article with general sports betting tips for beginners, and all those rules apply to baseball betting. Here are a few additional tips to help lessen the learning curve:

oDon’t bet heavy favorites: The long season again comes into play with favorites. The lines will change as some teams prove themselves superior to others, and a loss can really set you back. Stay away from heavy favorites and concentrate on slight underdogs and slight favorites instead.

oBet on series. One of the great things about baseball betting is that you have a chance to increase your odds a bit through series. Even the best teams can lose to a poor team on any given night, if you bet on the favorites in a three game series rather than game by game you are much more likely to come out ahead.

Best Online Sports Betting Tips

Do you like betting online? How about online sports betting? Betting has been around for centuries and it has been regarded as an exciting pastime. Betting does not only happen in casinos, but on the internet too! If you want to increase your chances of winning in online sports betting, consider to take the time to read these best online sports betting tips.

Tip #1. Whether you are betting on any sport – tennis, soccer, football, etc – or on horse racing, it is best to do research. Read news reports and team statistics before betting on any team or player. By reading sports magazines, newspapers, watching sports channels, and gathering online information on player profile (or team profile), you will be able to get important information that will help you decide which to bet on. Exactly how will you know if the information is really helpful? Most newspaper, magazine and television sports news are based on facts and figures. If you are looking at online information, choose only those articles that are credible (articles from sports websites, articles from online newspapers and magazines, as well as articles with an author’s name). From these sources, you will be able to know the strengths and weaknesses of the player (team) as well as getting updated on new players in the team. Such will help you make the best online sports betting decision.

Tip #2. If you are new at online betting, and you want to have the best online sports betting experience, it is wise not to bet your entire life savings on one game. You want to enjoy, and hopefully reap more from the money you have ‘invested’, and not go bankrupt. For people who have been betting for sometime, if you noticed that you have been winning consecutively during your recent bets, it is wise not to push your luck too hard. There are instances when a person notices he has been winning on bets, that person never stops betting until such time that when he starts to lose, he then feels an urge to bet again to get back the money he lost; and a streak of losing begins until he has no money left to bet. The worst scenario is, when a person finds himself in debt; and you definitely do not want that.

Tip #3. Be knowledgeable in the sport you bet on. Luck may play a factor in betting, but knowledge ensures your winning streak. Best online sports betting outcomes come from understanding how the sport is played, how people react to the sport, players’ performance in a teams, team statistics (not just the team you are interested in). As you gather and understand all the information, you will be able to weight and analyze all the factors that contribute to winning or losing a bet. Also, as you do this, you will eventually able to formulate your own approach to betting. This could be a trial and error process, but it will definitely result to a good and reliable approach in the long run, giving you numerous best online sports betting moments.

The enumerated best online sports betting tips are simple yet effective. Sometimes, you do not need special formulas or outrageous tactics to win in online sports betting.

To really ensure consistent winnings on any sport investing in a handicapper or in a system that uses trends angles, experience, and a proven system is necessary for a profitable hobby.

WoW Priest Guide

The Priest class is an extremely popular character choice among many who elect to play World of Warcraft. This is especially true when it comes to individuals who choose to play supporting roles to other characters in Raids, PvP, and Instances. Priests are known to outlive most other character classes in the game. There are limitations, such as the fact that you can only wear armor that is composed of cloth, and as far as weapons, you may only select maces, daggers, and staves. However, many individuals find that the capabilities of the Priest class far outweigh the limitations of the class.

Race Selection

The mode in which you play when it comes to the Priest class will heavily depend upon the race that you elect to play in World of Warcraft. However, regardless of the race selection, you will quickly discover that the Priest is an extremely valuable class in World of Warcraft. The following represents the races that you can select from when it comes to either faction of Horde or Alliance:


1. Humans

2. Night Elves

3. Draenei

4. Dwarves


1. Blood Elf

2. Undead

3. Troll

General Priest Play

When it comes to general Priest play, you will find that the overall style will lean towards either that of “Holy”, or you may choose to play the style of “Shadow”. Naturally, if you elect to play “Holy” as a Priest in World of Warcraft, you will place your focus on healing. However, if you choose to play the “Shadow” style as a Priest, you will be placing your focus on “Shadow Damage”. Regardless of what style that you elect to go with, your main goal should always remain to be focusing on your spells that allow you to focus on destroying the enemy, while enhancing your overall ability to remain alive longer than your peers, as well as the mobs that you face.

The Priest Talent Tree

The Priest Talent Tree consists of three different specs. These include “Discipline”, “Holy”, and “Shadow”. The following provides a general outline of what is most effective for various tasks when it comes to Talents:

1. Discipline – Discipline will allow you to have increases when it comes to the amount of damage that you do with the spells that you cast, and will also prove effective when it comes to increasing the “Buff” options that you have during game play.

2. Holy – This allows your Priest to rule the playing field when it comes to healing themselves and other characters as well. If you focus on this particular talent, you will quickly discover that you are very popular when it comes to Raids, Instances, and even PvP.

3. Shadow – If you are looking to play solo a good majority of the time, and want to focus on leveling, Shadow is the Talent Tree spec that you will want to focus on. This also increases the amount of damage that you do overall, while limiting the amount of actual mana that you have to use to do so.

Cataclysm Leveling Guide

With the release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm looming, a lot of people are beginning to strategize about how exactly they will level their characters from 80 – 85 as quickly as possible. As with the last two expansions that came out, there will very likely be people who stay up all night just to do this. These people can run quests, do five man dungeons, or do battlegrounds. Which will they choose? Which should you choose?

The super fast power levelers will most likely end up running the five man instances over and over as quickly as possible. This will allow them to steadily level up. They will never have to run back to turn in a quest. For this to work, however, you must have five people in the dungeon who all have good gear and who all know what they are doing. The item drops in these instances will also end up replacing many of the items that you already have.

If you are by yourself or with just one or two friends, I would personally recommend doing quests. With every expansion, Blizzard makes the quests in World of Warcraft more and more interesting. Cataclysm is no exception to this rule. Doing the quests will be a very entertaining way to level. The quality and variety of the quests will make the gameplay more akin to a single player game than your everyday, run-of-the-mill MMORPG. This paired with some friends can make for a fun, relaxing way to hit the level cap.

But, I doubt that I will be doing either one of those things on release day. My personal favorite thing to do in WoW is PvP, so you will see me playing the battlegrounds day in and day out. Now, if you are looking to level fast, this is the wrong way to do it, but in terms of fun, it is hard to beat the battlegrounds. The last time an expansion came out, leveling in the battlegrounds was not possible. In Cataclysm, however, it is, and I suspect that there will be a fair number of people who only level their characters in the battlegrounds.

The last tip that I can offer would be to pick up a leveling guide addon. There are some available for free and some available that you have to pay for. These addon guides can greatly increase the fun and speed of your leveling and greatly reduce the frustration and time wasted looking for the right quests to do.

Tips on How to Play Poker

One of the most popular casino card games, the game of poker is equally popular online as well as in the brick and concrete casino halls. In these days of Internet and World Wide Web, almost every online casino offers some or all forms of the game of poker. Let us understand the basics of playing poker and discuss on how to play poker.

Poker is basically a  gambling  card game and any  gambling  game is usually played to win. However it is necessary knowing how to play the game before start winning. Poker is not widget so that one can easily assemble a few instructions and tips and start playing and winning. It not only involves luck but skill and intelligence on part of the players.

Multiple varieties of poker games are there and each has its own rule and regulations. Even the betting structures can vary from limit games to no limit games. Format of the games also vary from normal ring games to tournaments.

Among the various forms of poker games are the Texas hold’em; Omaha, Omaha hi-lo, Stud Poker, and Stud poker hi-lo. Despite so many formats there is uniformity in the game structures. Basically poker is a game of sequencing the cards and different combinations that decides the winning and losing player.

Usually the players will combine their hole cards with community cards to create the best combinations in poker games. Dealing of the cards distinguishes one form of poker from another. Hands formation and winning high and low hands are the essence of the game that reaches its climax through betting of the players.

In modern poker games, first round of betting starts with forced bet and then the activities go on from left to right. Either the player matches the maximum bet made in the previous round or fold.

Player matching the bet may increase it. With all the players completing their betting rounds or folding, the betting ends. Player that stands out will collect the pot. When multiple players remain in contention even after the betting has closed, the hands would be shown and winner takes the pot.

Money is usually placed voluntarily by the players believing that such bets will render positive value. Save the initial forced bet all other bets are voluntary in the game of poker. And whatever be the skill level of the player, the outcome is largely dependent on chance in the game of poker.

WOW Mage Strategy – 3 World of Warcraft Mage Strategy Tips

The majority of Wow players seem to have a preference for picking a class that is more handy in combat than a mage. Nevertheless the mage remains a popular class in World Of Warcraft. The correct Wow mage strategy involves dealing with spells as opposed to the close quarters of melee fighting.This article will reveal 3 important tips regarding the Wow mage class.

1)Avoid Ambushes In The Beginning Of The Game

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the mage class has only cloth armor. This is a large disadvantage, especially because players don’t have much power in the beginning of the game. If you don’t keep this in mind, there is a good chance you will have to begin again. The mage definitely excels at fighting from a distance, however they are largely ineffective fighting up close.

Because of this ineffectiveness, it is wise to stay away from ambushes. This avoidance of contact leads most female characters to being a mage.

2) Pick A Profession Suited To A Mage’s Abilities

Upon reaching this point, the timing is right to choose your profession. A wise choice is to select one that fits with a mage’s basic skills. In the opinion of most players, the top three professions for mages consist of alchemy, enchanting and herbalism. There are mages that prefer to add in fishing and cooking for enjoyment, however the first three are almost always your best choices.

If your intention is to grind, it is possible to choose skinning, however it really is not a good choice. An excellent secondary profession for a mage is a tailor because mages must make cloth armor. This becomes a good choice when enchanting is your primary profession. Blacksmithing, leatherworking and mining are bad choices for a mage.

3) Learn Spells To Help Your Defense

As most players know, the advantage that this race possesses regards making magic. An effective Wow mage strategy is for players to spend additional time learning spells and obtaining additional training. For an effective mage character, it is necessary to learn spells for defense. Mages need these defensive spells to compensate for their lack of self defense.During the initial levels, your only weapons are a wand and some staves, so defensive spells are critical to learn very early on.

Hopefully these 3 Wow tips will shorten your learning curve if you are new to World Of Warcraft. If you are part of the mage class, it is always important to implement an effective Wow mage strategy.

What Is Soccer Betting?

This information is to provide you with general information about online  gambling  on soccer and various types of wagers.

Online  Gambling  on soccer is the general activity of predicting soccer results by making a bet on the outcome of a soccer match. Perhaps more than other forms of online  gambling , the legality and general acceptance of betting on soccer vary from nation to nation. In North America and Asia, for example, online  gambling  on sports is generally forbidden, while in many European nations, bookmaking is regarded as an honorable occupation and, while highly regulated, is not criminalized.

Proponents of legalized sports betting generally regard it as a hobby for sports fans that increases their interest in particular sporting events, thus benefiting the leagues, teams and players they bet on through higher attendances and television audiences. Opponents fear that, over and above the general ramifications of online  gambling , it threatens the integrity of amateur and professional sport, the history of which includes numerous attempts by soccer gamblers to fix matches, although defenders counter that legitimate bookmakers will invariably fight corruption just as fiercely as governing bodies and law enforcement do.

Aside from simple bets, online  gambling  is commonly done through a bookmaker. Legal sports bookmakers exist throughout the world. In areas where online  gambling  on sports is illegal, bettors usually make their sports wagers with illicit bookmakers, where thousands of online bookmakers accept bets on sporting events around the world. The bookmaker earns a commission of normally ten percent on all losing bets, and pays out a predetermined amount to winning bets. Many bookmakers offer several alternative bets, including the following:

* Proposition bets: These are wagers made on a very specific outcome of a match.

* Parlays: A parlay involves multiple bets and rewards successful bettors with a large payout.

* Future wagers: This bet predicts a future accomplishment by a team or player. Odds for such a bet in online  gambling  are generally expressed in a ratio of units paid to unit wagered.

Soccer Betting is not an effortless way to make money, it needs you to persevere and also to practice to become better. One of the ways of doing is to get acquainted with the different aspects of each and every game you might facing at the online  gambling  site of your choice.

Casino History

Game is a very peculiar side of human life that is operated on its own laws. In this game of  gambling  anything can happen, poor man can become rich or weak can defeat strong. There are many people who want to become rich without any efforts, so  gambling  game gives a hope to them. In this game of  gambling  luck matters a lot.

Origin of the game

Since the beginning, game and  gamble  has been associated with humanity. Elements of game are inherent to many competitions and entertainments, which were arranged by our ancestors. For example, in competitions in strength and deftness, which were later changed into famous tournaments. Then the first  gambling  game came. They were based on the element of chance, trying one’s destiny.

The historians believed that the first game was casting various stones, shells, animal’s bones these objects were the sample of the dice. The British Museum has the proof of the first game stored there. Among this is dice’s model, made from the elephant’s tusk and by an Egyptian craftsman in 16th century B.C. and a board of playing draughts, which is also known as checkers that belonged to the queen Hatchepsut (1600 B.C.)

In old days, people used to play odd and even. They used to throw dice in a circle so that they could hit on certain openings. These dice were used for fortune telling. Dice at once became one of the most adventurous  gambling  games. In the earlier day people used to bet everything like money, dwellings, things and many more on this game.

Since the years the importance of the  gambling  games are increasing. There appeared new game like cards. The cards were introduced in 1120 and in the year 1132 they were widely spread and used. These cards at that time were long and narrow plates with numbers 1 to 14 on them. The four different designs were the four seasons. The total numbers of cards were 52 which were equal to the number of weeks in a year.

The example of the present set of cards is the Tarot Cards. These tarot cards were used for fortune telling. It was considered that the cards were in Europe In the 10-11th century but some other says that the card game was born in France. The first set of cards made by the factory included 56 cards of four designs. Every card had its own name: the nun, the empress, the conjurer, etc. Then the set included 97 cards. Slowly the cards were substituted by the new card which closely resembles the modern cards.

Since 15th century the card games were very popular amongst the various people, from a king to a common person. But at that time, the cards were according to the structure of the society: hearts embodied the priests, diamonds meant the bourgeoisie; spades represented officers and aristocracy, clubs referred to the peasants.

In 19th century the modern card games (black jack, poker, etc.) came into existence in U.S. There are many card games invented till now. There are separate card games for adults and children, for training logic and fun and there are certain games just to pass the time. The game becomes tougher according to the age. Having become financially independent, he lets loose his  gamble : makes bets, plays in the lotteries, makes bets on the totalistic and finally funds himself in the very temple of game, the casino . The individual sharpens his feelings and emotions and forgets everything. The longing for such feelings attracts persons, who have visited once to come again and again.

Online Texas Hold’em Tips

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular forms of poker in the world today, and can be both a fun and entertaining way for thousands of people around the world to spend their time and potentially earn substantial sums of money. The advent of online gaming sites has only helped facilitate this trend, allowing people access to a gaming community they may not be able to see otherwise through classic brick-and-mortar casinos. Of course, the move online has also brought about some changes in the way poker is played, and learning to adjust your play style to suit an online environment may be necessary even if you are an experienced poker player in the past.

One of the most important things to bear in mind while sitting at an online Hold’em table is that even though you can’t see your opponents this doesn’t mean that you can’t read their moves. While it’s true that the traditional tells that most poker players generally watch for are nullified in the online environment as we cannot watch for any physical movement or changes in the way people talk, there are other signs that can be seen.

Long delays in deciding what to do before making a call, for instance, generally indicates that a player doesn’t have a particularly strong hand and is uncertain about what course of action they should take. A delay followed by a raise; however, could indicate that an individual has a strong hand and is debating on what play might earn them the most cash possible. Similarly, watch the chat box – although you may not be able to hear someone’s voice, you can still gleam a lot by what they’re saying to other players while playing, including picking up on nervousness and frustration that you can use to your advantage.

When playing online, generally try to avoid using the features present on most online casinos to auto-call, fold, or check your hand. While these buttons are generally quite convenient and can help save you some time when it comes to your round of clicking on the appropriate button the speed in which these buttons allow your hand to be played (instantaneously) is a dead giveaway to most other players at the table. An instant call pre-flop, for instance, could easily mean that you have strong confidence in your hand and allow your opponents clear insight into what you may do later on throughout the game, thus leading you to actually weaken your own position through the use of these ease of play tools.

Because online play allows you the ability to take special note of players as well without their knowing don’t be afraid to jot down notes on a piece of paper about individual players as you go along as well, particularly if you are in a lengthy tournament where you may be pitted against a few set opponents for some time. Learning and memorizing information about particular players can become time consuming and pointless in many situations as plays may rotate frequently; however, a few notes from time to time for reference can help give you an edge over your opponents and allow you an easy reference point to fall back on when needed most. Don’t be afraid to leverage all of the advantages online play has to offer whenever possible.

Getting Ahead With Online Craps Tips

Why do you need an online craps tip? Well, the game of craps is a challenging experience. There are many different playing methods, regulations, and rules that vary from one online casino that offers you the opportunity to play craps. Novice players can find this extremely confusing, which means the best defense against this confusion is to know just how online craps works before you start. Playing online craps allows the novice to learn the game and the experienced to get an edge.

With an online craps tip, you can gain a thorough understanding of how the craps game works and gain in skill at the same time. Even the novice players can enjoy tips that help them when they are stuck or confused.

Online Craps Tip One – Limit yourself. Before you start to play craps, you want to make sure that you have set yourself a personal limit. Know exactly what you want to spend and how much you can afford to spend. The last thing you want to do is spend too much and find yourself regretting your time playing online craps. It is far too easy to keep playing and forget just how much money you are actually spending.

Online Craps Tip Two – Just as you want to set a limit on how much you want to spend or lose, you should also set another type of limit as well, how much you are looking to win. Although to you, it may seem trivial, you may say, “Well, if I’m winning, I want to keep playing”. However, if you set a limit on your winnings and once you have reached that limit or have reached your spending limit, you will know it is time to say goodbye for the night. Without setting limits, once you keep winning, you may find that you lose it all.

Online Craps Tip Three – Know the game and do your homework. Chance can only take you so far and it is important to never rely on chance to keep you going. The best thing for you to do is read up on the game of craps, study strategies and odds and take advantage of your knowledge while playing.

Online Craps Tip Four – It bears repeating, stick to your limits. When you set a limit on how much you want to spend, stick to it. Never allow yourself to tack on your winnings to this amount. You may think it balances out, but in reality, you are spending more, because you have allowed yourself to add the money you win to the amount you are willing to spend or subtract it rather. Avoid this at all costs.

With the above online crap tips, you will find that you have a more enjoyable experience when playing craps. Knowing how much you are winning, how much you can literally spend, and knowing when to stop can keep you from losing control and losing more than you can afford to lose.

Winning Tips For Online Bingo

Find out how many players are present in a room. Some sites indicate the number of players. You can plan the number of cards in accordance with the players. If there are few people in the room, use more cards. This increases the chances of having the first “bingo” call. The percentage is higher, to put it simple. Use the feature of chat rooms to progress in the long term; most internet bingo sites have them. Try to find out with how many cards your co-players are in the game. Just having one, or two more cards, can increase your chance quite a lot. One card gives the same odds at winning. So if you play more cards, and are able to manage marking all the called numbers, you increase the odds.

There we have the danger of being unable to manage all the cards. You must be able to mark all the numbers in ten seconds! That is the time you have between the numbers called. Be sure not to take too many cards as you will never be able to call ‘bingo’ if you have one unmarked number. This strategy does not work for large jackpot games. They attract a large number of players and the chances of you winning are low. With more cards, it will not get much higher. Spend less money on jackpot games, and use it instead in other games. Try to find a bingo site with a balanced number of players, with large crowds in your site.

Be very careful in choosing the time you play. Please know in what country your bingo site is working, as the time may be different. Usually early morning or late night games attract a smaller number of players, so you can play more cards. Look for those sites that offer money to let you start playing. Some countries offer a percentage of your initial deposit, of up to 200 percent. You can play more games with the same amount of money that way. Also, use the offers made by the chat rooms. Incentives of free games, for chatting a certain time, for referring friends, or even for playing bingo can prove to be very useful. Look for the free gifts that suit you best. At least you could play more games, and for more time.

Chatting with people on bingo sites may get you useful tips, teach you game-techniques. You can even make friends that way. The cheap internet sites, some offer bingo games for as little as 25c, and still have substantial prizes. Play there, and gain experience and improve the chances of winning. Coverall or blackout games are longer in fashion. Successive numbers will be called more often. So you will have to change the way you play and choose your cards. Internet offers many opportunities, not just for playing bingo, but also the opportunities for making friends, from all over the world. That at least has not changed in the game of bingo; it still is a very social game. Enjoy it, and have fun.

Winning Bingo Tips and Tricks

Although the player demographic in the UK is slightly different to that of the US and Canada, in that they are not in it for the win, as our North American counterparts are. It is still fun to win when playing bingo and many people do believe that tips and tricks exist that are able to help them win. Mathematicians have taken a good look at the odds and there are all kinds of charts and tables available to the bingo-phile who believes these will help. There are also a few more esoteric methods out there to help a player win at playing bingo, online or otherwise.

It has to be clearly understood that game of bingo is a game of pure, unadulterated chance. Now along with the random chance factor is also an odds factor. For instance you have more of a chance at winning 1 million playing bingo than you would ever have playing the lottery, so there the odds are already considerably diminished. One winning tip then would be say rather wager your money on a game of bingo than on a lottery ticket, you will be ahead of the game.

Feeling lucky is another very important factor, if a person doesn’t feel lucky then how can they possibly be lucky. But this again is one of the more esoteric aspects for bingo and tips on how to win. Many people carry lucky mascots or just generally feel lucky and the possibility of them winning in any game of chance is thereby multiplied. If you go to play online bingo or out to a bingo club and you are miserable about being down on your luck, you sure aren’t going to have lady luck looking out for you.

Many people propound that winning at bingo can be manipulated by checking which numbers come up in the first few games and testing the theory of probability. Now that is all very well and good, and I know that bingo is good exercise for the brain, but how much would anyone want to exercise their brain in a random game of luck, where they are just trying to have a little light entertainment.

Tips and trick for winning bingo are just what they say they are, all a little tricky. The most important thing to remember when playing bingo is that it should be treated not too seriously and you should be able to enjoy it and have a good time.

Play Blackjack Like a Pro

Blackjack is known as the king of all games simply because it is the most popular casino game in the world. In part due to its popularity as well as because of its deceivingly simple play, blackjack is also the most researched game in the casino world. The complexity of the game is due in large part to the variability of probabilities in different hands and even at different stages within a hand. That is to say, the odds of winning change with the composition of the deck.

In a game of blackjack, the house advantage can be brought down to around 1 percent, provided the player follows certain rules. These set of rules are referred to, rather irreverently as ‘Basic Strategy’, and it is this owing to these guidelines which gives blackjack the reputation of one of the most fair games played at casinos.

Basic Strategy

Therefore the first tip with regard to a strategy in blackjack pertains to learning this ‘Basic Strategy’. A new player must learn this before getting into a real game of blackjack. Basic Strategy is a mathematically precise formula that is an indicator of the best decision, be it a hit, stand, double, split or surrender which the player makes in a given situation.

It is easier to learn basic strategy by following color-coded charts. Such charts are available in books as well as for free online. The charts are focused around the main actions that can be taken by a player. So there are charts for split pairs, for double down and there are hit or stand charts. In almost all charts, the action is colored red and this is the key to learning the basic strategy.

Intermediate Strategy

Having mastered the basic strategy, the player can adopt the ‘wagering’ or ‘money management’ strategy. Among all the different wagering schemes, the one’s that minimize losses are ‘The consistent-wager system’, The Margingale System, Labouchere and Oscar’s Grind. However, players just initiated into the game must remember that they must master the basic strategy first because the intermediate strategies can be effective only if players can count on winning and losing an equal number of hands. Without perfecting your basic strategy if you get into memorizing how to play each hand in each specific situation, in an attempt to implement an intermediate strategy, you will only maximize losses.

Advanced Strategy

Advanced strategies in Blackjack, include: card counting, clump reading and shuffle tracking. These enable a player to even the odds at casino blackjack. Card counting is often discouraged but is totally legitimate and can dramatically influence a player’s winnings. In card counting, the player keeps track of the cards dealt. A card counter can predict when the odds are in his favor.

Another method is clump reading. The decks have a great degree of clumpiness at the start of the game. This is because it is difficult to shuffle the new card decks very greatly for randomness in just a brief minute or so. Hence long spells of like cards get dealt after the initial shuffle. This clumpiness decreases after several shuffles are made. The strategy is to get a seat next to the dealer’s left hand side. If the player can track the streak of cards (count the highs and lows) he can make changes to the basic strategy. Then he should try to get into the last position that is next to the dealer’s right hand so as to be able to see all the other player’s cards.

Blackjack is a game which requires a certain degree of self-education. It is relatively easy for beginners to learn the basic game strategy by employing the color coded charts. Unlike many other casino games, mastery of these basic strategies can go a very long way to improving one’s odds, whereas intermediate and advanced techniques provide only marginally better results.

West Virginia Blackjack – West Virginia Casinos

For a long time, gamblers in West Virginia had to travel somewhere else to play blackjack games, craps games, roulette games, etc. The only casino  gambling  action available to them was slot machine  gambling  and horse betting. But recently, Wheeling Island Gaming and Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort received permission to add table games to their offerings. So the gamblers who used to travel to Indiana can now get their blackjack fix a little closer to home.

Blackjack isn’t the only new game that’s available to gamblers in the area. Texas holdem grows ever more popular, and both of the locations already mentioned now have poker card rooms where aspiring Doyle Brunsons can now go all-in and hope they don’t get a bad flop.

Wheeling Island Gaming

Wheeling Island Gaming is located on an island in the Ohio River. The casino offers a tropical island ambience including a waterfall and multiple faux-palm trees. The island itself is only about 2 miles long, and Wheeling Island Casino offers several restaurants and bars. Be warned that this casino is extremely popular, and the blackjack games there are a big attraction. You should be prepared to wait if you want to play blackjack at any stakes lower than $50 per hand. (The higher stakes tables aren’t as crowded.)

Gamblers who are tired of slot machines, blackjack, and craps can step outside and spend some time betting on the dog races that are also offered at the location. Or if you’re not the rough and rugged outdoors-y type, you can watch the races from inside as well.

Mountaineer Casino Racetrack

The Mountaineer Casino Racetrack is located in the countryside, somewhat removed from the rest of civilization. Like Wheeling Island Gaming, the Mountaineer offers multiple restaurants and bars. They have a radically different decor and theme though, favoring a 1920’s gangster/speakeasy decor over the tropical island theme present at Wheeling Island. The casino is a little bit larger, and finding a lower stakes blackjack table with a seat open is a little bit easier here.

And if you get tired of  gambling , a golf resort is located nearby, so you can get some fresh air and exercise while taking a break from the tables and the slot machines.

Some Blackjack Advice

If you’re new to blackjack strategy, here are a few tips for how to minimize the house edge:

  • When you’re not sure about the correct play, assume that the dealer has a ten as her hole card, and also assume that you’re going to be dealt a ten. The deck has more tens in it than any other card, so this is a decent assumption about what’s going to happen next, and the basic strategy decisions become pretty obvious.
  • Always split aces and eights. If you’ve got aces, you get twice as many chances at a blackjack by splitting. And you’ll often draw a ten when you hit. 10+8=18, which is a mighty respectable blackjack hand any time.
  • Never split fours, fives, or tens. A pair of fours is a hard total of eight, which means you’re next card, if it’s a ten, will be an eighteen, which is a mighty good hand. (Two hands with a total of fourteen each would be a bummer to play though.) A pair of fives is a total of ten, so doubling down is a good idea here, since you’re hoping to catch an ace for a 21 or a ten for a total of 20. And a pair of tens is a total of 20, which is an outstanding hand no matter what.
  • Don’t play with money you can’t afford to lose.
  • For more blackjack strategy advice, including a hand-by-hand guide to basic strategy, visit Blackjack Hero’s blackjack basic strategy tutorial.
  • To practice a little blackjack online before your tips, try the free blackjack games available with no download at Free Flash Blackjack.

Good luck at the tables in West Virginia. The house has the edge unless you’re counting cards, but you’re the one having big fun.

Winning Online: Poker Tips

Poker is the most popular card game in the world, meaning the traffic and opportunities available are almost limitless. If you utilise these online poker tips, you give yourself the advantage over casual players, allowing you to make a profit from poker.

Find the best bonuses. To boost-start your bankroll, initial sign up bonuses should be used. Many poker websites offer fantastic one off deals for new players, giving up to thousands of pounds away as bonuses. Most online poker rooms often provide holiday bonuses throughout the year, so once you’ve signed up you’re eligible for more bonuses. If you have no starting money, no deposit bonuses can be used to give you an initial bankroll.

Choose the right tournament structure for you. Different poker games suit different people, Sit and Goes provide a steady, safe return on money, Multi Table Tournaments give massive winnings but with many runners for each tournament, and cash games provide the largest single hand return in profit.

Play for Free. If, even after reading a review, you are unsure if a poker site is suited for you, you can use the ‘free play’ facilities on the majority of major poker websites. You can practise the online poker tips you have learnt in this environment risk free.

Read terms and conditions of the website. It’s worth spending the time going over some of the information on the poker site, before you deposit your investment. Some poker sites have a few days wait before you can withdraw winnings, other sites are instant. This is one of many variables found across poker websites, ensure you know what to expect when you have deposited.

Choose your poker room. If you’re going to invest (if you’re playing seriously it is an investment, not just money to spend having fun) money in poker, you want to make sure that the platform (website) on which you do it is the best you can possibly get. The best way to ensure this happens it to find unique, independent poker reviews which you can trust, giving the pros and cons for each of the major poker sites.

There are countless poker websites available to play, all having their pros and cons. To make a profit from these online poker websites, you must research which website you want to use (using independent, unique poker reviews) and use the best online poker tips available on the web.

Poker Rules Guide

Poker in all its variants has a number of rules that remain constant. These can be either written poker rules considered laws of the game or unwritten poker rules – generally accepted game etiquette. If you learn the basics, you will first and foremost enjoy your poker experience more, but secondly you will have a better chance of becoming successful. These are just some of the basic poker rules you will need in order to play poker but for more localised poker rules you can visit our individual Poker Games:

The Cards

All of the recognized poker variants play with a single deck of cards. Its important that these cards are free of folds or distinguishable marks. A “marked card” is useless in poker as it gives players an unfair advantage (obviously not relevant to online poker). When dealing the cards, either individual players or a separate dealer, these will always be delivered in a clockwise motion

Poker Hands

Across the poker games, you will invariably hold your own cards considered your Poker Hand. The aim of the game is to make yours the best hand around the table. Essentially there are two ways of achieving this. The first is to actually have the best hand, determined by set hand hierarchy. This poker rule states that the highest ranked hand will win the pot. The second way is to make people think you have the best hand. bluffing your way to pot victory can be dangerous but to be a success, this is vital.

The poker rules of Check, Bet & Fold

What do you do when its your turn? The poker rules of Check, Bet & Fold

If you’re first to go or nobody has bet before you then there are two options:

1.Check, meaning you don’t bet any more chips and pass to the next person.

2.Bet, you will put some chips in the middle and set the standard for the following players.

If you are not the first, you have three options:-

1.Fold, you don’t want to match the previous players bet and hand over your cards.

2. Call/Check If somebody has bet then you can call which simply means matching the chips put in. Or you Check if no bets have been met previously.

3.Raise You match any previous bets and and then increase it with more chips.

Poker Rules Concerning Buy-In

Most poker rooms will have a buy-in. This is generally set at a minimum ten times the value of the maximum bet. For example, if the maximum bet is $10, then you need to buy in with at least $100. You may then buy more chips in any quantity you wish throughout the game.

When it comes to online casinos it is much easier to regulate the buy-in. However, in land-based games and private games players need to watch out for other players who do not put the correct amount of chips in when placing a bet. This is not easy to monitor when a player just throws chips into the middle of the table.

Poker Rules Concerning Dead Cards

This does not happen often, but sometimes a player will do something which will cause their cards to become “dead”. In essence, this means that you are out of the hand. You just have to concentrate all the time and you will be fine.

This generally occurs when a player plays out of turn. This can refer to folding, betting, or raising out of turn. Playing out of turn means that you are making your intentions known before the right time and this can mess with the dynamics of the game.

When it comes to certain versions of poker rules where you have some cards face up and some face down, exposing your face up cards or turning your face up cards to face down will also render your hand dead.

It could also happen that a misdeal is called if the dealer deals the cards in the incorrect order or if the wrong amount of cards is dealt. Sometimes the dealer will deal the cards too quickly and this can lead to a card landing face up. The same applies to when a player folds. If your cards are exposed then this could end up benefiting another player at the table.

If a player at the table sees another player’s cards, then it is considered good sport to share this with the rest of the table. This will equal out the advantage.

The Showdown

This is the final play of the game where players have to show their hands. In poker rules if you think you have a winning hand then you have to show all your cards face up. You are also not permitted to lie about what you have in order to make another player fold. This is not a set rule, but it is considered very bad protocol and in some cases a player can be banned from taking further part in the game.

The more you play, the easier the rules will become. Although there are many poker rules, most rules are consistent and you will also find that many of these rules are based on basic common sense and good etiquette. If you wish to read up on the more intricate poker rules or rules that pertain more to the poker that you play then you can find many interesting articles online.

Simple Tips and Ways to Win at Roulette

Roulette is a popular choice of many casino goers and gambling game enthusiasts as the game is pretty simple to understand and play. A roulette game is played on a roulette wheel with numbers. As a player, you will bet on the square or number where the ball would stop.

Although the numbers are the basics spots where you can bet, you can also have outside bets, which is a choice whether the ball will fall on a red or black square, odd or even number or whether it falls on numbers 1-18 or 19-36. When it comes to higher chances of winning, the outside bets can be one of the great ways to win at roulette. With only two choices, that would clearly mean you have higher chances of winning with the outside bets.

However, the catch is in the amount you can win. Like any other gambling games, the more difficult it is to win the game, the bigger the amount that you can win, and the easier the win, the lesser you get. Of course, it can be a good thing to win more even if you are getting lesser wins than waiting for that big win in the inside bets.

Before even trying your hand in roulette, familiarize the game and know how you can make big winnings through a better paying strategy. For the inside bets, you can choose from a split bet, a straight up bet, a line bet, or a street bet. For the outside bets, you can put your money on whether the outcome would be in the black square or the red square or whether it would fall on an even number or an odd one, or you can also win with a column bet or dozen bet. Getting to know these types of bets will also help give you an idea on the many ways to win at roulette. Of course, the choices will go down to whether you want a big winning that can be difficult to get, or small winnings that is easy to get. If you want money in roulette, you can always opt for the easy small winnings than waiting for your chance to hit the big jackpot in a smaller probability.

Other important things that you need to keep in mind as well when it comes to winning the roulette is to make sure that you manage your money right from the start. Limit your betting money to an amount that you can afford to lose. This way you will help yourself in avoiding too much losses. Of course, money management is important in gambling and you also have to take control of your emotions as this can also cloud your good judgment and better playing strategies.

How to Play Roulette?

Roulette is quite an easy casino game to learn and play. The only thing you are required to do is to pick the winning number from the Roulette wheel. The numbers can be colour coded (red or black) for outside betting.

The player has also a choice to bet on the colour, rather than just the numbers, or he can also bet on odd or even numbers. There is even a choice to bet if the winning number would be less than 19 or more than that.

So we see that there are so many choices available to a player; the only thing required is to chalk out a strategy through which one can increase the probability of winning. One thing which needs to be kept in mind is that roulette is more or less a game of chance; saying so means along with some strategies, it is also necessary for luck to favour you. Nevertheless, provided here are some strategies which can increase your chances of winning the game.

Knowing the game

It is true that roulette is an easy game, yet it is essential that you are aware of the rules of the game; this would help you in creating strategies to help you win. A roulette wheel is used to play this game, and you can pick a winning number on this wheel. Besides the numbers, one has an option to choose from the outside bets, where he or she picks up a winning colour; the other choices, as mentioned above are between even or odd, or a number below or above 19.

For increasing the chances of winning the game, it is recommended to choose the outside bets over going for a winning number. You should know that roulette wheel has 37 slots, and choosing one winning number from 37, gives you less odds to win the game; it would be wiser to bet on black or red, even or odd.

The wins in choosing a number are very high, compared to outside bets; but we have to see that odds of winning with a number bet are very very low comparatively.

Knowing a few strategies

Learning a few strategies can help you win this game. In any case, roulette is also one of the  gambling  games, and you have to be careful with how much and how long you want to  gamble , otherwise you can go bankrupt too.

The first and foremost strategy or tip to increase your chances of winning this game is to play with a European roulette wheel than the American roulette. This is because the European roulette has only 37 slots, but the American roulette has one additional slot. This additional slot further reduces your odds of winning the game.

You can also use pivot strategy and the Labouchere; both of these work on mathematical probabilities. It is a game of chance, but playing through these strategies can definitely increase your odds of winning big.

You should learn to stop your losses. In  gambling  real bad loss occur when one keeps on  gambling  to regain what has been lost; but this is not a wise thing to do. You should know your limits, and as soon as you see the limit being crossed you should learn to say ‘NO’ to yourself. alicevbheatherta alicevbheatherta aliceananabinar aliceananabinar katherinehjjudith katherinehjjudith Agustus stable Edu